Mango Mousse Cake

7 Aug

I had a couple of beautifully ripe mangoes in the kitchen,hence I wanted to make a cake that incorporates fresh mangoes .What better way to showcase our seasonal fruit other than the Mango Mousse Cake?:) 

The mousse cake has a base of a soft and moist sponge cake followed by a layer of mango mousse with chunky bits of fresh mangoes and topped with a layer of mango purée jelly. 

I am very pleased with the result as every layer goes so well together.The layers really compliment each other and it accentuates the natural sweetness of the local mangoes.

If you’re not a huge fan of mangoes,any kind of fruits can be substituted or if you are having trouble finding fresh fruits,you can use canned fruits like lychee or peaches for this recipe.


For the recipe,all you need are:

Cake layer

One 7 or 8 inch cake of any shape sliced horizontally into two equal parts.

1.Bake a 7 or 8 inch cake of your choice.

Mousse layer

12g of gelatine powder

50g of hot water

350g of whipping cream

300g of mango purée *refer to tips & tricks below

2-3 tablespoon of icing sugar depending on how sweet your mango purée is

250g of cubed mangoes

2.Combine gelatine powder+hot water and set aside.Using a mixer or a whisk,whip the cream and the sugar until it reaches soft peak or until it reaches a ‘mousse-like consistency.

3.Combine the gelatine mixture into the mango purée and stir till incorporated.

4.Fold mixture in step 3 and the cubed mangoes into step 2 and refrigerate it until ready to use.

Assemble the cake

5.Prepare an adjustable cake ring or a spring form pan to put the cake together.Make sure that you adjust the ring size to be slightly wider than the size of your cake.

6.Put 1 layer of the cake at the base of your pan and layer half of the mango mousse filling on top of the cake.Repeat this process with the remaining of your cake and the mousse.

7.Once done,leave the cake in the fridge to firm the mousse for approximately 45 minutes.

Jelly purée topping

200g of mango purée *see tips & tricks

1 tablespoon of gelatine powder

4 tablespoons of hot water

8.When the mousse is firm,you can proceed on to making the jelly purée topping for the cake.Combine gelatine powder and hot water.

9.Next, add the gelatine mixture into the mango puree and mix well.Strain the mixture to ensure a smooth jelly topping.

10.Take the cake out of the fridge and evenly spoon the jelly topping onto the cake.Leave to chill till the jelly sets.

11.Once ready, it is time for you to remove the cake ring. *See tips & tricks.

12.Cake is ready to be served.

Tips and Tricks

1.For the cake layer,I would recommend baking a sponge cake as the cake is not very dense and can absorb the moisture from the mousse layer well.

2.To make your own mango purée, make sure you peel and slice the mangoes and blend it until smooth.Strain the purée upon using it.

3.You can speed up the process of making the mousse by whipping the cream over a big bowl of ice water.

4.To ease the process of removing the cake ring,you can use a torch to heat the sides up or you can also run a warm knife around the edge of the cake.

Remember to chill the cake until all layers are firm.


Heat the sides of the cake ring to remove the cake ring.Remember not to heat the sides for too long or your mousse layer will melt.


Voilà! Your very own mango mousse cake in the comfort of your own home

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